Investing for Profit and Comfort

After working on no-cost changes, it's time to focus on how and when to get deeper improvements in efficiency.

When buying or replacing an appliance or other energy-using equipment, you have a great opportunity to save. Early replacement can even make sense in some cases, but requires careful analysis. The Federal Trade Commission labels all major appliances, which can help you shop more wisely. To help consumers shop smarter still, the ENERGY STAR program labels identify products that are in roughly the top 25% of efficiency in their class — get the lists. The Consortium for Energy Efficiency defines an even higher bar — get the lists. DOE provides handy tips for things labels and features to look for.

If you are going beyond harvesting the lowest-hanging fruit and replacing individual appliances, your next stop should be a professional energy audit.

Here are resources to help you research specific opportunities more deeply and ask the right questions of our auditor.