Common Air Leakage Sites in a Home

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Cross-section of a house with numbered flags pointing to common air leakage sites
  1. Around plumbing vent stack
  2. Attic hatch
  3. Tops of interior walls
  4. Recessed light
  5. Behind built-in cabinets
  6. Around door
  7. Plumbing penetrations
  8. Around bathtub
  9. Sill plate
  10. Around chimneys and flues
  1. Fireplace damper
  2. Furnace or air conditioner air handler box
  3. Where additions join house
  4. Around window
  5. Behind baseboards
  6. Around electrical sockets
  7. Around duct boot and register
  8. Ducts
  9. Around dryer vent

Excerpted with permission from No-Regrets Remodeling by Home Energy (1997)