Tools of the Trade

Clockwise: IR thermograph, IR camera, Air flow measurement, Blower door, Combustion test for water heater

A hammer and a saw used to be the key tools for home contractors. Today, the best-in-breed also use high-tech equipment while performing a professional energy audit or verifying that construction has been done correctly. Infrared cameras can "see" heat loss and find hidden energy savings opportunities. PFT tests or blower door tests measure a homes air leakage and tell you when sealing has been successful. Combustion monitoring equipment and indoor-air pollution detectors ensure that a heating system is not only efficient but also not dumping dangerous pollutants into the home. All of these practices should be conducted with a mind towards "whole-house system performance." Professional energy audits will bring many of these tools into play to help provide a very close look at how the house is built and operated.